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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die 2 LP
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Lana Del Rey is set to release her new single Born To Die on Sunday 23rd January. Her album, also titled Born To Die will be released a week later on Monday January 30th. Born To Die follows Lana's first single Video Games which began its life online in July accompanied by a video created by Lana. Since then Video Games has amassed over 8 million hits and on release hit the i-tunes #1 position in 9 countries including the UK, Australia, Holland and France and is currently #1 in Germany. Also a massive critical smash, it has recently been hailed as the #2 track of the year by Q Magazine, with Q Magazine also awarding her the Best New Thing award at the Q Awards. Born To Die is a suitably noir follow up to Video Games and is coming with an incredible video conceived by Lana and Directed by Woodkid. A Remix EP will also be released, including mixes from Damon Albarn, Woodkid and Clams Casino. Born To Die the album is a collection of tracks about which Lana says The songs I've written are an homage to true love and a tribute to living life on the wild side. Album tracks include Million Dollar Man , Off To The Races , Blue Jeans and Carmen .

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